Monday, November 29, 2010

Golden Pearls are basically worthless now

I posted this on the forums at JMTC and The Consortium, but figured I should add it here as well.

Enchanting has been changed, you no longer need a golden pearl to make a runed arcanite rod. This means that golden pearls, which before were a major roadblock for leveling enchanters and commanded a premium price because of this, are now basically worthless. They're used in a handful of mediocre crafting recipes, as well as enchant weapon - spellpower. However, mighty intellect is now as good as if not better than spellpower.

Sell your golden pearls now while they still have value.


  1. If people start dumping the golden pearls I will be worth crafting 30+ sp enchant at such a cheap crafting cost you will still be able to sell them for less and make a profit

  2. Possibly, for now at least. 22 intellect is now a better enchant, though. As more people start to realize that, you'll see less sales of the SP enchant. Also, cheaper pearls means more people involved in the SP enchant market, and a wider margin for undercutting. Being involved in a declining market is a bit too risky for me.